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In-Ground Pool Closing

Need a new cover?
When booking your closing appointment, please tell us if you'll need a new pool cover.

MCM's pool technician's have years of experience protecting pools from harsh New England winters.

Our proven systems and thorough process will leave your pool and all its components well protected.

What's Included?

Our base pool closing includes...
  • Lower pool water to proper winter level
  • Disconnect and drain filter system and other accessories such as heaters
  • Remove water from plumbing lines
  • Install plugs, plates, gizmos, and other winterization parts as needed
  • Put on and secure the pool cover
  • Safely put away all disconnected parts
  • Identify and discuss any concerns or recommendations
Recommended Options


A pool should be clear and clean before closing it down for the season. This will help prevent organic and mineral staining on your liner, as well as an easier opening up next season.

MCM Pool Service offers professional vacuuming prior to putting the cover on. Even if your filter system has been disassembled for the season, we bring our own vacuuming system to make sure that it can be as clean as possible.

When booking your closing, please let us know if you would like this added service.

Please Note: Technicians cannot vacuum if they cannot see the bottom of the pool, and cannot vacuum algae. Our vacuums are design specifically for the removal of debris.

Filter Cleaning

Filters will get backed up with many things such as organics, suntan lotions, oils, and chemical residue. To extend your equipment’s life, MCM Pools recommends that you chemically clean the filter at least twice each season. Don’t put your filter away dirty. Request your filter cleaning today!


  • Acid Quick-Cleaning – Same day treatment for your filter cleaning, providing a deeper cleanse for your filter.
  • Premium Cleaning (2-3 day process) – We take your filter back to the shop and place your filter into an acid bath for a 24 hours period. This allows for an industrial cleanse, and provides your filter with the deepest possible cleaning. After a rinse, the filter is returned to you at no additional cost!

Salt Cell Cleaning

The Key piece of equipment for a salt water pool is the salt cell generator.

If you have a salt water pool, you know how expensive a generator is and how important it is to maintain. These generators require inspection every 3 months. To extend the life of the generator it is standard procedure to soak it in a special acidic solution to remove any built-up deposits from chlorine generation.

Additional Options

Safety Cover Anchor Drilling

Let us know if you need to repair old, broken, or seized anchors for your safety cover. Or if you need to replace missing anchors.

Adding Winter Chemicals

Winterizing chemicals can help to keep your pool water clear during the winter months, meaning less work when you open the pool in the spring.

Ask MCM to supply winter chemicals, or supply your own and have us apply them at closing.

Please Note: Chemical requirements will vary depending on the size of the pool and clarity of the water.

Book Your Pool Closing Today!

We schedule year-round so you can plan ahead and get your appointment as close to your target date as possible.

Dates fill up fast, so book any time!