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In-Ground Liner Installation

Nothing can derail your perfect summer like a leaking liner. MCM is here to help get your summer back on track.

Whether your pool liner is leaking, faded, or damaged, we will do our best to get your pool back up and running as fast and efficiently as possible.

Three Steps

On-Site Measuring & Inspection

Before replacing your liner, our trained experts will come to your home to inspect and measure your pool. This is necessary for several reasons, including –

  • Safety: A pool that's been leaking can become unstable and could have caused damage in the surrounding area. Safety comes first for MCM Pools and we will ensure your family has the safest possible pool area.
  • Anticipating problems before beginning work: We verify the stability and structural integrity of the pool's walls and coping. This will let us spot existing problems that weren't previously known, and anticipate other issues that could become problems during liner replacement. If we find anything unexpected, we'll explain the situation and discuss options.
  • Fit: Measure twice, cut once is always the best philosophy! Our liners are custom made to our exact specifications. We use an advanced method of computer-aided measurement and design that provides instant feedback and lets us determine dimensions with less than 1% margin-of-error. You can rest assured that every liner provided by MCM will be perfectly sized.

It's very important to know the condition of your pool before you replace the liner. While we're there, our techs will be able to answer any questions you have about the process.

Liner Selection & Options

Once we have the correct measurements and we've ensured that the pool is structurally safe, we can put together a quote for the best options for your specific swimming pool.

We will help determine what is best for your pool and help you to understand all the choices and options.

We offer the full line of in-ground liners from The Vinyl Works. These liners not only come with a standard 20-year warranty, but MCM Pools includes our own extended Liner Guard warranty with every installation.


In-ground liner installations are not to be rushed. We make sure that each and every installation not only looks great, but is done with every factor considered both for the immediate replacement project and for the long-term integrity of the pool.

We also schedule a water truck to begin filling immediately after installation to ensure the liner sits and stretches properly.

Related Services

Are you sure you need a new liner? Is your current liner fixable without replacing it? We offer service options to evaluate your pool before deciding to replace your liner.

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If your pool is leaking or even empty, contact us ASAP to talk about your options.

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